Mignon Batteries: 4x Battery AA MIGNON LR6 2200mAh inkl box


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Op voorraad

PATONA Mignon batteries:

4x Battery AA MIGNON LR6 PATONA 2450mAh incl. box

 Scope of delivery:
– 4 PATONA Mignon NiMh Akkus
– durable storage/ transport box

Technical Data:
– Type: Ni-Mh
– AA Mignon battery are fast charging
– 2450mAh
– up to 1700 charge cycles
– low self discharge (if you do not use battery, 70% of power are present after 5 years)
– newest READY to USE technologie

Compatible part number:
Mignon AA LR6 battery,815, 15A, AA, AAB4E, AM3, BA3058, CEF80, E91, F734S1180, HR06, HR6, KAA, LR06, LR6, LR6N, M, Mignon, Mignon-Akku, MN1500, R06, R6, RB104358, U7524, UM3, V1500PX

Compatible devices:
digital cameras, portable CD-Player, portable MP3-Player, Walkmann, remote control, pocket lamp, flashlight, PDA etc.

Pictures are only for illustration purposes – delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA.

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